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We supply a wide variety of Cabinets and Accessories


Wall mounted cabinets come in a standard 450mm depth
To convert a standard 450mm cabinet to a swing frame you would require a  collar 100mm or 200mm.
All our cabinets are black in colour with a smoked glass or perforated front door.
We also do the IP55 outdoor cabinets vented and standard.


Wall Mount cabinets

Floor Standing Cabinets

We do all the accessory for the cabinet such as Brush panels patch panels

Blank plates,fan units PDU 6 WAY 10 WAY   


               Patch panels 16 port 24 port 48 port 

                   Blank Plates 1U,2U and 3U             


                  Power strips 6 way and 10 way PDU                                      

                  Fan units 2 way and 4 way fans                          

                           CAGE NUT