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We do a wide rang of USB cables and adapters 

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USB Extension cable 5m male to female with booster

USB Extension cable 10m with booster male to female

USB Extension cable 15m with booster male to female 

USB Extension cable 20m with booster male to female 

USB-2m  USB 2.0 Printer cable 

USB-3m  USB 2.0 Printer cable 

USB-5m  USB 2.0 Printer cable 

USBA2-2m  USB Male to Male 

USBA2-3M  USB Male to Male 

USBA2-5M  USB male to male 

USBA2PS-1.8M  USB Male to Female 

USBA2PS-3M     USB Male to Female 

USBA2PS-5M     USB Male to Female 

 USB3.0-1.8M   USB3.0Printer cable

USB3.0-1.8m    Micro B cable

USB3.0-1.8m  USB3.0 Male to Female 

USB3.0-1.8m   USB3.0 Male to Male 

                USB ADAPTERS & CABLES 

USBPS2  USB female to female inline 

USB-Micro   USB Female to Micro USB male 

TU-P1284   USB to Parallel cable adapter 

USBD25S   USB to DB25 Female

USB-S09   USB to Serial adapter cable  with PL2303 chip set